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Fire Department

OPEN BURNING IS ILLEGAL WITHOUT A PERMIT! To obtain a free permit contact the Fire Chief at 989-640-7826

patchThe Owosso Charter Township Fire Department was established on July 1, 1967 at 2998 W. M-21, west of the city of Owosso.  Prior to this, the Township purchased fire protection from Owosso City.

This Rural Community Fire Department mainly consisted of one 500 gallon Howe pumper, which was purchased from the city of Owosso for the Township's first fire truck. A three bay steel strand building was constructed to house the truck purchase and equipment, thus began Owosso Township Fire Station #1.

Residents of the Township were asked if they would like to join the department and little by little the personnel grew to thirty. The department began to organize.

The first Chief was Dale Constine. Officers were chosen and the Department began with on the job training with their first fire, a barn fire. The next truck addition was a tanker truck and a pumper replacement for the original old truck.

Owosso Charter Township Fire Department was built on Community Service, Dedication, Pride, Safety and Tradition, which is still the foundation of the Department today.

As the Township grew, so did the number and size of the trucks and equipment. Additional bays were added to the station. With the expansion of the Department it began to take on additional fire service areas from surrounding Townships and joined Mutual Aid.

The original fire service area was 36 sq. miles for Owosso Twp. and 36 sq. miles for Rush Twp. Today the department covers approx. 130 sq. miles and includes New Haven Twp. and part of Bennington Twp. Long coal trains going to Dow Corp. in Midland were cutting the township in half for 20-30 minutes at a time, reducing Fire Dept. response time to Rush Twp. and the northern portion of Owosso Twp. 

In 1973, the Fire Dept. and Township board decided to purchase property for a second station. The old gas station at M-52 and Wilkinson Rd. was purchased and remodeled.  An engine, tanker and grass jeep were placed here and additional volunteers added to the roster. Owosso Township started their own ambulance service, Owosso Twp. Rescue, in 1977 with a separate group of volunteers. Several Firemen joined as well, crossing over and doing both services.

As the Township continues to grow so does the Department. On July 21, 2007 the township dedicated a new and larger fire station #2 on the department"s 40th anniversary and relinquished the old station to the ambulance service for their use. The new station was dedicated to Chief Gerald Greger for his years of service to the Department.

In 2016, the fire department was moved to the new Township Hall on 410 South Delaney Road.

The Department has grown from a single station and truck in 1967 with several men to a two-station department, three engines, two tankers, two jeep grass rigs and two squads. The personnel roster stands at 25, with a Chief, Assistant Chief, Chief Engineer, Asst. Engineer, four Captains, two Lieutenants, and 15 Fireman. Over the past forty years the department has trained over 100 firemen that have come andgone for various reasons, many of today"s crew have 15 to 30 years plus on the Department.

As most fire departments, we have had both the usual and unusual runs with an average of 150 runs per year. Our largest fire was a factory fire in 1993, which turned out to be the States largest arson fire. We also have provided Mutual Aid for many of the larger fires within the City of Owosso and surrounding communities.