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Voter Information

Voting Information

You may register to vote at a local Secretary of State office, the Owosso Township Clerk's office, or by clicking on the voter registration application.  

You are qualified to vote if:

  •   You are a Citizen of the US
  •   You are at least 18 years of age on or before the next scheduled election
  •   You have been a resident of Michigan for at least 30 days before the election
  •   You registered at least 15 days before the election; or on Election Day

Voter Registration within the 14 days before an election

If you were not registered 15 days before the election and want to register to vote and receive a Regular Ballot you must:

  • Appear in person at the Clerk's Office
  • Provide a Michigan Driver's License with current address

If no above documentation you may register to vote and receive a Challenged Ballot using one of the options below:

  • Provide a Michigan Driver's License without current address & other Residency Verification; or
  • Provide other picture ID and Residency Verification; or
  • No picture ID (Affidavit Required) with Residency Verification

Documents that may be accepted for Residency Verification (items must include your name & address):

- Current utility bill
- Bank statement
- Paycheck
- Government check
- Other government document

If you do not have Residency Verification you may register but are ineligible to vote in the Election.

Precinct Locations

Are you registered? Where do you vote? Click on the link:  Michigan Voter Information Center

Did You Change Your Address?

You may change your address within Owosso Charter Township by filling out a new voter registration form at any Secretary of State agency, on the website above, at the Owosso Township Clerk's office, or by sending in your old ID card with the new address in Owosso Township printed on the back.

Lose Your Registration Voter Card?

A new card may be obtained from the Owosso Township Clerk's office or call (989) 723-2187 and we will mail you one. Office hours are Mondays and Thursdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Owosso Township Political Sign Regulations:

  • Political signs may only be placed with the property owner's permission.
  • Political signs are allowed on occupied (improved) parcels only.  Therefore, no political signs are permitted on vacant or unoccupied lots.
  • Political signs cannot exceed sixteen (32') square feet in size.
  • Only one sign per candidate or issue is allowed per occupied lot except that two (2) signs are allowed on a corner lot.
  • Political signs shall not be placed closer than ten (10') feet from the edge of public roads for safety purposes.